Re: New Stations Since 5/12/11

Kevin Schanilec

Hi Kirk:

Glad to hear you're out of harms way - I've been thinking about all of you down there.

As for the new DX, those are some nice catches, especially the Cuban! The band is pretty uncooperative up here, so glad things are a bit better where you're at :-)

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hi Everyone,

As far as I've hrd so far, the DXers in Oklahoma are all okay and safe. Since the reports began hitting the media of damage/casualties due to the wx that began on Sunday evening, this is one storm system that scared the living daylights out of many of us here in the southern plains. At one point,my brother and my son (and Families) were BOTH in the path of separate tornadoes. They're all okay...whew!

I've a few new stations to report, and I'll try to keep it short and sweet. These are a little dated due to continuing pc problems here.

1550, R. Rebelde, Nuevitas, CA (Ciego de Avila), Cuba, 0900 UTC, 5/12/11, First time hrd from this site as far as know. The site I listed is per WRTH. Playing pop mx and //670 & 620.

1260, WNDE, Indianapolis, IN, 0925 UTC, 5/12/11, hrd this one popping in and out with sx tlk. ID near BOH. Huge QRM from the reliable KSGF, Springfield, MO. Really good conditions that AM.

1310, KAHL, San Antonio, TX, 1140 UTC, 5/12/11, playing oldies and stnds ranging from early 70's and down. Mixing w/ KMBS (LA) and hard to distinguish one from the other. Hrd lcl ad and ID circa 1133 UTC. ULR Sta #758-

You all stay safe, and hopefully you can enjoy some DX somewhere on the bands.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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