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Welcome, this is a good source of information on ULR. Like yourself, I had many of the ULR laying around the shack. But never realized DUH the potential of enjoying them for DX. Now my wife thinks I have lost my mind, setting around after dark with ear buds and writing on a note pad, well it beats watching the idiot tube anyway!

Big Al N0CEK

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I must admit that although I have been an avid ham, swl'r and am dx'er
for many years, I was not aware of the subgenre of "Ultralight DX" until recently. I have been purchasing and enjoying these handheld wonders for about 10 years and at last count have about 25 of these AM/FM radios. If I add in the shortwave capable Ultralights the count goes up to about 35. It is great to find that I am not the only one who finds DXing with these small portables very satisfying. It becomes a "good" obsession trying to find the Holy Grail of Radios. The current crop of Tecsun DSP equipped radios has been a revelation & I am excited about them. I'll be reading the message board with interest and thanks for all those who contribute.
Steve KF2AX

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