Re: Finally, a Group that shares my Obsession

robert ross

On 24/05/2011 4:50 AM, WhoW wrote:

I must admit that although I have been an avid ham, swl'r and am dx'er
for many years, I was not aware of the subgenre of "Ultralight DX" until recently. I have been purchasing and enjoying these handheld wonders for about 10 years and at last count have about 25 of these AM/FM radios. If I add in the shortwave capable Ultralights the count goes up to about 35. It is great to find that I am not the only one who finds DXing with these small portables very satisfying. It becomes a "good" obsession trying to find the Holy Grail of Radios. The current crop of Tecsun DSP equipped radios has been a revelation & I am excited about them. I'll be reading the message board with interest and thanks for all those who contribute.
Steve KF2AX

Hello Steve:

 Welcome to the ULR DX Group!!! Nice to have another member with the Disease!!!

Although the Group has only formally been in Existence about 3 and a Half  Years .....a good deal of the members on the list have been DXers for many Decades!! If you check out the Archives you will find a lot of Useful Info pertaining to the Group and DXing with Ultralights. You can also look back at old messages and follow the progression of the list.

If you like Little DX Magnets........this is the place to be!!

Welcome aboard..........

73...ROB VA3SW (For the ULR AWARDS Committee)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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