Re: Improved propagation conditions


Hi Richard:

Things have been good out here near Seattle as well. WGN-720 and WBBM-780
were coming in great last night from Chicago, on top of stations out of
Nevada, with readability quality perhaps the best in memory.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

I appears signal propagation conditions have improved from the
unsettled period last weekend and should be mostly quiet for the
remainder of the week. The K-index has been zero since before 0600
UTC on 11/17/08.

I've been hearing WGN 720 (1023km/636mi) and KQWB 1660 (1180km/733mi)
here in Oklahoma all day. So hopefully tonight will allow you to hear
that elusive station or maybe a TA or two. If you live in the central
part of North America, check out 1134 kHz for Hrvatsha Radio. It has
been heard in northern Oklahoma between 0030 and 0230 UTC.

Best of DX to all.

Richard Allen
3622'51"N / 9726'35"W

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