Re: Retread

Kevin Schanilec

Hi Keith:

The digital Sony model is probably the SRF-M37W. It is fairly sensitive and has great sound through headphones (IMHO), but it has quite broad selectivity and issues with images, so not necessarily the best Ultralight for urban areas. However, Allen Willie in Newfoundland exclusively uses one, and has heard a jaw-dropping amount of DX with it. It is covered in the Shootouts and Gallery in Folder 1 - Start Here" in the Files section here on the Group.

As for speakers, I have found many little add-on speakers are quite noisy, either because they have a wall adapter that gives off a lot of RF noise, or the component in the amplifier circuit are noisy. This includes speaker designed for computers. I found a little set of speakers with no amplifier - just the speakers - and they work pretty well. They will not fill a room with sound, but are serviceable, especially next to my head as I drift off. I don't believe the M37W or many other Ultralights have sleep timers, although the Tecsun PL-300/310/380 and others have a timer.

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Someone at mentioned for $10 more than the SRF59 there was a Sony model that had digital tuning. Anyone know which model that might be?

Also I'd like to go to sleep with the radio at night and need some small speakers to hook up to the radio. Any suggestions?


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