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Someone at mentioned for $10 more than the SRF59 there was a Sony model that had digital tuning. Anyone know which model that might be?

Also I'd like to go to sleep with the radio at night and need some small speakers to hook up to the radio. Any suggestions?


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I'm one of those old geezers that used to DX the AM broadcast band with an All American 5 back in my high school days in the late 50's. Reading about the results you guys have been having with these new radios whet my curiousity. Today I bought an SRF59 on closeout at a local drugstore along with a pack of batteries. Tried it out walking home and must say I was blown away by it. I have never heard an AM radio of its size with that much sheer performance. I cannot abide that dinky tuning knob and impossible to read dial so mine will be installed in a cigar box and outfitted with a fancy Pilot vernier dial. For any serious DX'ing I will have to take it on Safari to a nearby park. There is entirely too much signal loss and anthropomorphic noise in my concrete and steel building.

It will be very interesting to see what stations I can pick up here in Honolulu where everyone but locals are at least 2500 miles away!

73 es DX,

'Bear' NH7SR

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