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Great list as always ..... I was also surprised how early you had my local Gold Manchester on 1458 !

N.W. England

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Hello Everyone,

We are still having decent DX sessions here in the North Atlantic considering the longer daylight hours and solar activity up and down lately. The logs below are a combined effort over the past three evenings of the stronger signals audible here in Bristol's Hope

549-ALGERIA-Alger Chaine 1, Les Trembles 00:40UT/18 man in Arabic talk
560-WGAN-Portland,Maine 3:25UT/17 Ads,promos,news promo,ID
756-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk,various 00:42UT/18 Classical music
819-SPAIN-R. Euskadi, San Sebastian 23:32UT/16 Spanish or Basque talk woman
864-FRANCE-France Bleue Paris Villebon-sur-Yvette 00:42UT/18 French pop music & talk
936-IRAN-IRIB1 Urumiyeh 00:43UT/18 Persian talk by man
1044-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian, Monte Igueldo 00:50UT/16 Spanish teletalk
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, Brookman's Park 00:10UT/16 talk about discussions between countries (Lile A Local)
1160-BERMUDA-VSB3 Hamilton, 3:30UT/17 BBC News read by woman
1179-ROMANIA-Romania Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau 00:03UT/18 news in Romanian
1188-IRAN-R. Payam,Tehran 00:45UT/18 Persian talk & music (Good)
1215-ENGLAND-Absolute Radio,various 00:45UT/16 show promo,contest promo,ID
1260-SPAIN-SER Murcia, 23:26UT/17 Spanish talk by man (Good)
1278-FRANCE-France Bleue,Selestat 23:26UT/17 French talk, "Venus" by Shocking Blue
1287-SPAIN-SER various 00:02UT/18 news in Spanish(good)
1296-ENGLAND-Radio XL 1296 AM , Langley Mill 23:26UT/17 Indian lang program
1314-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 00:12UT/16 Spanish talk by man (R. Farda UAE underneath)
1341-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC Ulster,Lisnagarvey 00:12UT/16 talk on Middle East
1377-FRANCE-France Info, Lille-Camphin en Carembault 00:14UT/16 Jazz music (Like A Local)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao 00:47UT/16 woman in Basque talk (Like A Local)
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Jaen 00:12UT/16 Spanish talk (Like a Local)
1422-ALGERIA-R. Culture,Alger 00:00UT/18 news in French
1422-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 3:12UT/18 man w/ news in German (Very strong)
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa, Arta 00:48UT/16 Arabic pop music,ID (Good)
1458-ENGLAND-Gold Manchester,Ashton Moss 23:04UT/17 classic songs,ID
1476-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia Biribilondo 00:00UT/18 woman w/ news in Basque (Good)
1503-IRAN-IRIB1 Bushehr 23:57UT/17 chants & talk in Persian
1530-ROMANIA-Romania Actualitati, various 1:30UT/16 musical program //1152
1530-SAO TOME-VOA Relay Pinheira, 3:23UT/17 English news (mixing with WCKY)
1521-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA Duba 00:13UT/16 woman in Arabic talk (Like A Local)
1548-ENGLAND-BBC Bristol, Mangotsfield 3:32UT/17 Football talk (Like A Local)
1570-CKLV-Laval,Quebec 3:24UT/17 French pop songs,talk
1575-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda Al Dhabbaya 23:57UT/17 Arabic pops,ID
1602-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia R. Vitoria , Cerro Estibaliz 23:24UT/17 Spanish jingle ID,music

Receivers: SRF-M37V, SRF-39FP, SRF-59 barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

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