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Fine business Keith, I find no fault with your thoughts on these subjects because basically they have been my experience also.

With the exception that the DT-400W is much more pleasant to listen too than the DSP-equipped radio's. It sounds more like a very strong analog radio with all the nice features of a digital radio. I think that is why the costly Sony SRF-T615 is so popular. By the way if you get a turkey radio, well you give it to one of your kids and go back to what works best, probably a trusty old SRF-XXX.

One of my favorite radio's is the very analog 1978 Panasonic RF 2200, of course it is an uber sized radio not an ULR. No freq counter on this baby!

Very Best 73's
Big Al N0CEK

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This is in reference to what Al said earlier in this thread.

I have to say, digital tuning makes finding stations easier; and the DSP-equipped Chinese radios really can pull in those weak signals (although I haven't had time to do any serious DXing in some time). But, for program listening, MW and SW just SOUND better on an analog radio. No electronic bloops and bleeps to contend with. I have three SRF-59's; paid full retail for one, the other two were 50c each at a yard sale ;-).

Good DX to all,

Keith Beesley
Seattle WA USA

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Thanks for the update, Paul. I look forward to reading how it looks and performs.

Michael UK

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