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Guess I have to give in :-) I only have a SRF-59, G8 and a PL-380 in the uldx range
and am rather fond of the cuteness and sensitivity of the SRF-59. It smiles smugly next to my
Barlow-Wadley on the shelf... Its lower sensitivity than the DT-400W is presumably due to the
shorter internal ferrite antenna. Inductively coupling a longer tuned rod makes a big difference, of

Apropos : Things seem to have gone quiet on the ferrite front.
Any new or improved designs in process?

Michael UK - true Brit, ex9Q5TS, admirer of the F-15 and the Harrier, nostalgic for tubes, oops :
valves :-)

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From: "Albert"

Just spent the last two hours listening to a high school baseball game on a station just a little
above the static level on my SRF-59. When I listened to it on my DT-400W it was twice as loud and a
much more pleasant experience.

Therefore the SRF-59 gets no cigar in that respect. However, cross station modulation is a
different story. Here the SRF-59 has a small advantage.

All that having been said, analog is good but digital is better! :-)

After 66 years I believe that change is good, pushing buttons is better than trying to tweak a dam
little tuner wheel that chews off my finger nails! LOL Seeing a large lighten frequency display
beats the heck out of going blind trying read a little hash mark with fat red needle on an analog

I was a Boeing engineer in the military division, we know all about EMP, most planes are EMP
hardened these days. Over in Europe they may not have caught on to that yet. Our F-15 Eagle has a
kill ratio of 150 to 0 no other aircraft design has come close to that in all of aviation history.

I thought you UK blokes called tubes valves? Hum, maybe hes not a Brit.

This is all meant in fun, what the heck Armageddon is going to start on Saturday anyway.

Best 73's
Big Al N0CEK

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Please note that it is sacrilege to suggest
any uldx could be superior to the SRF-59 :-)

Digital display : uuuugh! Cranial interpolation
fosters longevity...

The only EMP-and-future-proof uldx rx will
be a homebrew tube-job... So informed
by a TV documentary on the presidential
eschatalogical Boeing which eschews digital
in favo(u)r of resiliant analog...

Any designs out there?

MiG 25s had it.

Michael UK

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