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FYI the older digital-tuning/analog-sound Grundig Yacht Boy 400 series, original 400 and 400PE, are both quite sensitive on LF AND (for some reason that I do not understand) free of MW images and mixing products. Of course they have a serious limitation that their LF coverage is only from 144KHz to 353KHz, and they do not qualify as ultralights, but they are sometimes cheap on Ebay.

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Hi Ken:

In the past several years, the noisemakers on LW have really multiplied, as I know from living in a semi-urban environment just outside of Seattle. A solution to the noise might be to DX very late at night (a lot of the noisemakers get turned off after about 11 pm local here), or maybe go out to a local park away from noises if the weather permits. I went to a local park yesterday afternoon to test an antenna, and I was hearing beacons loud and clear that at home are buried under wall warts, LCD televisions, routers and other stuff. Alas, the band really is noisy on LW any more.

As for the images on LW, that may be a design shortcoming on the 750. It sure is on the Sony 7600GR, which is great on MW and SW, but the images and mixing products from local AM stations make LW absolutely impossible. So, you might want to look at another receiver for LW, such as a DSP Ultralight, which has none of the images (or very few). You will need an external antenna of some sort, since the little ferrite is sized for MW and is fairly deaf on LW. However, with a decent tuned box loop, ferrite sleeve antenna or other antenna, LW should be quite doable, and the DSP filtering on receivers like the Tecsun PL-310, PL-380 and PL-606 are really nice. The Quantum Stick is a reasonably-priced ferrite loopstick antenna that covers LW, and gives many small portables a good boost. The Tecsuns are not SSB sets, but still work pretty well on beacons.

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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In Jan. 2010 I replaced my trusty 25 yr-old Sony 2010 with the Grundig Satellit 750. This was done because the 2010 had become progressively insensitive. On the SW and MW bands with the built-in whip and the rotatable MW antennas, the 750 is quite sensitive: I can hear hams as far as Europe on 20 meters; and as far west as Iowa on the MW band. The set sits on a desk in front of a window.
My big problem is the noisy,image- ridden LW band. I can only hear two NDBs*(very weakly, at that), and sometimes, at nite, an Ontario NDB on 515 Khz. When I first owned the 2010, the LW band was loaded with beacons, at another QTH, near Jamaica Bay. When I moved to my present QTH, here in Flushing, NY, in July 1991 the three stations mentioned above were all that were left of my NDB DXing. I bought the 750 to once again hear my LW beacons: but no such luck!
Any advice or insight from other 750 owners or LW NDB buffs would be greatly appreciated.
Vy 73 de
Ken-K2JLK in Flushing, NY(NYC)
*NDB=non-directional beacon

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