GS Ultralight Loggings Nov. 16, 2008

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight Loggings for Sun. Nov. 16, 2008. All stations logged on a stock Sony SRF-59 from Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.

Two more stations added to the ultralight log. Total ultralight count: 199.

1230 WHUC NY Hudson - 16-Nov-2008 2225 UTC - Nostalgia music. ID with frequency and callsign. 1 kW (Fair-Poor)

1360 WNJC NJ Washington Twp - 16-Nov-2008 2345 UTC - Sports talk, about Bengals. ID with location given as Washington Township/Philadelphia. 5/0.8 kW. (Poor)

Greg Shoom

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