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In the files area, I have a uldx pdf file in the members loggings folder. In that file, on the 2nd-to-last page is a collection of low power stations I have received over the years with an Ultra-Light Radio. These are expressed in km/Watt.

In all fairness, I will state that though all stations are believed to be honest in my logs, there are some stations that aren't as above-table. One might figure a rather clear/loud station at 50 Watts and 500 km might not be at night power... find it "in-the-mud" as a difficult RX, and find out its 50 Watt at 500km is a lot more honest, and worth logging. A prime example in my log is WELD supposedly at 14 Watts at night. Many times its quite clear, and I didn't log as a night power RX. Once or twice, in only the last year, I can barely hear it, and catch an ID. So I finally enter it into the log as a nighttime RX. Its subjective, but interesting, and a classic example of DXing the AM-BCB.

Good luck in your pursuits... there are some good "scores" out there!

Paul S. in CT

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Between lightning crashes this morning I picked up a good hit and a new one last night. WVXX was coming in suprisingly good for a good half hr.

WVXX 1050khz, Norfolk Virginia, Spanish Station, music@talk. 358watts night. 1190 miles. 05:10am-05:45am cst.

KGYN 1210khz, Guymon OK, country music, 10.000watts. 235 miles. 08:50pm cst.
One of the QRP amateur groups has a "miles per watt" award. QRP is
taken by hams to mean a low power transmitter, always less than 5 W
out and sometimes much less than 1 W. Divide the distance of the
two-way contact by the power used, and you get miles per watt.

Obviously MW DXers don't transmit, but the other end of the "contact" does.

The loggings above would be 3.3240 and 0.0235 mi/W. Higher is better
and 3 miles per Watt is pretty good!

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