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Keep it up, Kirk!  I'm at 780 stations right now, but not much DX to speak of lately, except for the FM Es opening last week.  I added 7 stations from Minnesota to my FM log but not on any of my ULs.  I do keep a separate log for FM stations heard in an ultralight, just in case the awards committee ever happens to start FM DX awards.  It's that time of year, when a DXers' fancies turn to thoughts of Es!

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On 30/04/2011 4:50 PM, Kirk wrote:


Greetings everyone,

Although it seems to be painfully slow, this morning I did manage one more new station using an ultralight. Tnx to the tip from Richard Allen on this one. I hrd the sta using the Sony T-615 coupled w/ a SAT.

1600, KMDO, Ft. Scott, KS, 1230 UTC, 4/30/11, Poor reception overall, but they did fade up at times with a VG sig. From what I could tell it was mostly all tlk, although they might have played a little oldie R&R. ID was hrd along w/ some lcl ads. Very congested freq this AM, but at least KRVA wasn't totally drowning everything else out w/ their VV pgm'g. ULR Sta #745. I'm going to have to put it in gear if I expect to reach my goal of logging 800 stations by the end of this year.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. The wx down here is nothing short of perfect today for a change. Perhaps tonight might be a little more conducive for soom good DX...the lightning crashes have been terrible here during the last week apx. At least we didn't have any of those dreaded tornadoes in this area, so I shouldn't whine about it, ha ha.


Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

Kirk...glad to see you are still logging a few new ones in the DX Offseason!! Also glad to hear you did not have any of the Tornado Activity in your part of the woods!! The Southern States were hit a major blow, and I hope any ULR Members in that area are OK.

I'm sure you'll be able to hit 800 by the end of the year. Pick off a few here and there over the summer...and get busy once the Fall arrives.......You'll be there!!

Send us some of that SUNSHINE up here!! We've been having a Ton of RAIN and COOLER temps......Spring is slow to SPRUNG up here!! HAHHAHAH.......

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario

John Cereghin WDX3IAO  KB3LYP
Smyrna, Delaware
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