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robert ross

On 01/05/2011 8:46 AM, airchecklover wrote:

Hey all and Allen in Newfoundland in particular; I've been reading this group for a while and am amazed at the DX reports, esp. for MW.

Hello Mark!!! Thanks for checking in and welcome to the ULR Group!! If you've been reading the messages for a while..I guess you what we're all about!!

As subject line states, I don't own an Ultralight but I do have several good non-DSP radios incl. an Eton E1, a Sony 2010 and Drake R4C. I've built several multi-turn open loops, own the Palstar amplified ferrite system and also a CCrane Twin-Ferrite

OK have a couple of Nice Receivers....all you have to do now is get a ULR or two and join in the fun!! They're pretty inexpensive, and there's lots of choices to fit your needs!! You've got some good antennas for ULR DXing too..they will work fine with most ULRs.

- and I've been hamming on and off for 45 years. So I'm not new to radio.

Lots of us Old Hams on this group as well!! I'm VA3SW...and have been a Ham since 1977.

But i'm new to reading and believing you can hear MW stations from around the world while sitting on the eastern edge of the N. American continent. How si this possible? Is it the QTH allowing this? A 1 khz DSP-defined bandwidth? The advantage of a "super-Q" homebrew long ferrite antenna? In my experience, a 2.3 khz "SSB filter" is almost too narrow for intelligible Amplitude Modulation (AM) recovery while a 1 khz "CW filter" is too narrow. Yet I'm seeing reports of stations at 909 khz or 1089 khz or 1341 khz. How is this possible? Is there something about the DSP filter - with perhaps super-steep skirts that is allowing for this? But still, a 1 khz RF passband is not going to allow more than 1 khz audio, which is too narrow to discern anything more than vowels (ie, no consonant differentiation possible). Or have I been a student of theory too long and simply need to 'try it'?? Anyone care to take a swing at enlightenment? :)

Most New People to the List think we are all Crazy!!! You can't hear AM Stations from 5000 miles away on a tiny little ULR!!!???  Well......we ARE Crazy!!! can hear those stations on a ULR!!! Several factors make that possible. LOCATION is one of the dominating factors. Being located on an Ocean is ideal for DXing across the pond.    As you noticed with Allen...he is located in Bristol's Hope, NEWFOUNDLAND........pretty much the most Easterly piece of Land in NORTH AMERICA!! He is almost 1/2 way to Europe....and a long way from all of the North American QRM!!! His location is also very quiet!! Little Man Made Noise like most of us have to contend with. Being in the right place at the right time and knowing when Propagation will favour your location is also important....much of it is Luck ..but a certain amount of skill and knowledge sure does help!! Believe it or not...the majority of Allen's European DX is captured on Simple Ultralight Radios...with NO DSP...and NO EXTERNAL ANTENNAS....just BAREFOOT Radios using the Built-In Ferrite Rods!!! These little ULRs are very sensitive and the nulling capabilities of the built-In Ferrites makes amazing DX possible.

Being a are well aware of being at the mercy of the DX Gods!!! When things are lousy....your DX is proportional......BUT when things are GOOD.......amazing DX can be heard!! One of the reasons Allen hears DX on 909 or 1341 Khz with such great ease is that he is located WAY EAST of most of the QRM!! The overseas signals he is hearing from Newfoundland are MUCH Stronger than most of the QRM on the even Split Channels here!! I think Allen finds it harder to hear North American Stations than he does Foreign DX!! HAHAHHAHA...

Of course the TOTAL Water Path also contributes to the DX Factor. The Fancy Filters, DSP, etc all HELP...but they are not mandatory....especially in Allen's case on the East Coast.  Us Landlubbers can hear SOME this stuff too.......we just have to work a lot harder....and be in the right place at the right time!! Some times we need the DSP and Filters....and may also need EXTERNAL Antennas. Sometimes NOT!! For instance I logged 4 AFRICAN Longwwave Broadcasters from Morocco and Algeria the other night on a TECSUN PL-380 ULR with a Gary DeBock made Ferrite Antenna. This after the Longwave band being totally unlistenable for the past 2 weeks!! A stroke of LUCK I guess...but I was tuning at the right time and the DX Gods shone upon me!!

The main thing is...Ya Gotta believe, and you have to spend some time at the dials!! The more time you spend DXing..the better the chances of being in the right place at the right time. The more you DX......the more familiar you will become of the Band and it's idiosyncrasies. You'll be able to spot oddities in the Propagation, which will help you to realize Where to look for certain Stations.

The majority of the DXers on this group joined mainly to have FUN...and have wound up logging some pretty amazing DX in the process.  Many of us were burned out AM DXers who were finding the current AM Band conditions a little frustrating with all the IBOC, Man Made Noise and proliferation of of Stations making DX harder and harder to find. The ULRs have rejuvenated our enthusiasm...and we are all having FUN again..and logging some pretty mean DX to boot!! I have no less than 10 Professional Grade Receivers that are capable of hearing Great AM DX...and I don't even turn them on!! The ULRs pretty much consume me......and provide a great deal more satisfaction in the process!!

I'm sure a few more of the guys will check in here with some input....but believe what you I know you do.......This is REAL DX!!

73......ROB VA3SW ( For the ULR DX AWARDS Program Committee)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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