Non-ultralight owner question(s)...


Hey all and Allen in Newfoundland in particular; I've been reading this group for a while and am amazed at the DX reports, esp. for MW. As subject line states, I don't own an Ultralight but I do have several good non-DSP radios incl. an Eton E1, a Sony 2010 and Drake R4C. I've built several multi-turn open loops, own the Palstar amplified ferrite system and also a CCrane Twin-Ferrite - and I've been hamming on and off for 45 years. So I'm not new to radio. But i'm new to reading and believing you can hear MW stations from around the world while sitting on the eastern edge of the N. American continent. How si this possible? Is it the QTH allowing this? A 1 khz DSP-defined bandwidth? The advantage of a "super-Q" homebrew long ferrite antenna? In my experience, a 2.3 khz "SSB filter" is almost too narrow for intelligible Amplitude Modulation (AM) recovery while a 1 khz "CW filter" is too narrow. Yet I'm seeing reports of stations at 909 khz or 1089 khz or 1341 khz. How is this possible? Is there something about the DSP filter - with perhaps super-steep skirts that is allowing for this? But still, a 1 khz RF passband is not going to allow more than 1 khz audio, which is too narrow to discern anything more than vowels (ie, no consonant differentiation possible). Or have I been a student of theory too long and simply need to 'try it'?? Anyone care to take a swing at enlightenment? :)

Thanks in advance, Mark

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