Night and Early Morning DX'ing

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.
Although conditions didn't seem very good here last night, I still
tuned around most of the night and into this morning after lcl SR.
Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to log something new as many of you
know better than I. Anyway, a few newbies were hrd here I'm happy to

560, KLZ, Denver, CO, 0603-0730, 11/16. Their signal held in pretty
well for the entire time I listened. I heard them mention some
slogans but never any call ltrs: "Join the revolution, Revolution
Radio", "560, the Light", etc. Did a little research online and found
the station which had streaming audio live, so I was able to // the
pgm'g with what I was hearing. Surprisingly there really wasn't much
of a delay between the two.

774, JOUB, Akita, Not a new logging here, just noted they were the
only TP station I hrd any audio from this morning, and it was very
short-lived from 1115-1120 UTC.

770, XEACH, Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, 1145-1205, 11/16. Choral version
of their NA at 1200 followed by a W w/ an echo ID, "XEACH, Siete
Setenta...." Fair to poor here.

990, XET, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1215, 11/16. Not a new loggting but
noted this with a HUGE signal, blasting in here stronger than ever.

720, KSAH, Universal City/San Antonio, TX, 1310-1329, 11/16. Another
HUGE signal from the south blasting in here. Ads for various
businesses including a restaurant. Really nice vocal mx. Surprised me
because I'd never logged this one before. The sig was so strong I was
wondering how I could have ever missed that one, ha ha.

960, KLGS, Marshall, AR, 1330-1345, 11/16, rel pgm'g with a hick
sounding preacher man. "...for the Ozarks..." hrd. Probably was what
Topaz lists as their slogan, "Gospel Radio for the Ozarks."

Way to go Robert, Allen, John C. and everyone for submitting some
great loggings here! I sure enjoy reading everyone's contributions.

73's guys,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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