Can MW TA's be heard on a low noise New Hampshire beach?

steve <sbass@...>

I live in a duplex with a 40 foot yard near a power station in the middle of Columbus Ohio and the closest I have come to logging a MW TA in this very noisy environment is a decent het on one sideband of a popular TA station frequency using a desktop receiver costing in the $1,000 range and large outdoor MW loop 35 feet above ground as far from the duplex as my yard allows.

However, I have a friend living in eastern New Hampshire a relatively short drive from some quiet beaches.

What is the likelihood of my logging some TA's with ULRs and other small portables I could take with me to New Hampshire? My ULRs include PL-380, T615,and M37. In the non ULR portables, I have a PL-390 and a G5. I also have a Select-A-Tenna.

Would I be likely to log any TA's from such a location?

If so, which combination of the ULR and non-ULR portables above would give me the best chance of logging TA's from there.


Steve Bass

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