Re: Question for the North Americans re SRF-59

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

I bought a couple myself, after having read the reviews. It is an astounding little gem.
I might tinker with the second one :-
- direct or inductively couple a loop or longer ferrite (longwire via a buffer MOSFET or FET to
protect the chip!)
- use the SRF-59 at the top end of the AM band as an IF and AFsection with an external frontend for
LW or SW.
Just a thought...

When using the SRF-59 barefoot for uldx, I use another receiver to identify the frequency.

Michael UK

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Sent: 23 April 2011 13:49

I was browsing through the website yesterday afternoon and came across rave
reviews of the Sony SRF-59 Walkman Radio, so I checked on the Internet and discovered that they were
freely available here in the UK. I set off to the local Comet store and found one at 20.
. . .
Now this is more like it. I was truly impressed with this little radio. It seemed as though it was
as sensitive and selective as my faithful G5.
. . . . .
Anyway, I've waffled plenty long enough. Suffice to say, if anybody is thinking of buying one of
these little radios, I can heartily recommend it. I mean come on. for a measly 20, you can't go
wrong. I am now trying to work out a way to increase the reception on AM with a long wire or
something, but I don't know if the headphone socket is connected to the ferrite bar or whether the
headphone socket aerial connection is solely for FM use.

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