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Another great list and a new station from Scotland. Not had that one from Scotland due to local English Tx.

Whilst on the Scottish transmissions, your comment on was noted too.

Good Dx

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Hello To All

Noise and static levels diminished last evening from the previous. The lower end of the band below 900 khz also improved in the number of signals offered as well.

1 new station was added to the ULR log.

810-ENGLAND-BBC Scotland, Burghead 00:43UT/20 talk (this one was in all night)
864-FRANCE-France Bleue Paris,Villebon-sur-Yvette, 2:02UT/20 French music & talk
882-ENGLAND-BBC Wales,Washford 2:01UT/20 BBC News
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Moorside Edge, 00:03UT/20 Sports talk
927-Unidentified 00:47UT/20 Chants (many possibilities here according to EMWG)
936-IRAN-IRIB1,Urumiyeh 00:43UT/20 Chanting
945-FRANCE-France Info Toulouse-Muret 2:00UT/20 news in French by woman
954-Unidentified 2:00UT/20 Arabic talk mixing w/ Spain (possibly Qatar)
972-LIBYA-R. Jamahiriyah,Sirt 00:02UT/20 woman in Arabic talk
1008-NETHERLANDS-GrootNieuws Radio, Zeewolde 23:53UT/19 Inspirational prgm,Dutch talk
1026-IRAN-IRIB1 Tabriz, 00:32UT/20 Chanting
1044-SPAIN-SER Monte Igueldo (San Sebastian) 23:43UT/19 Spanish commentary
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, Brookmans Park 23:45UT/19 talk about "The Wedding"
1107-ENGLAND-Moray Firth Radio Tarbat Ness, 00:57UT/20 music hits,Scottish accented announcer,ID **NEW** (AW)
1116-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra, 23:55UT/19 man in Spanish (Strong)
1125-Unidentified 1:35UT/20 songs "Eye Of The Tiger" "Kiss Me" then faded
1152-ENGLAND-Clyde 2 Dechmont Hill 23:53UT/19 Eagles,Rod Stewart songs,ID,medical UK promo
1170-SLOVENIA-R. Slovenija Intl, Beli-Kriz 00:08UT/20 Slovenian songs,ID
1179-ROMANIA-Romania Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau, 22:45UT/19 Rock music ,talk//1332
1188-IRAN-R. Payam,Tehran , 22:45UT/19 Persian talk & music (Good)
1206-FRANCE-France Info, Bordeaux-Neac 22:35UT/19 woman w/ news in French (Good)
1269-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster 1:37UT/20 Classical music,German talk
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda Al-Dhabbaya 1:03UT/20 Arabic music ,ID
1242-FRANCE-France Info, Marseille-Cabries Relator, 00:45UT/20 woman in French talk
1341-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC R. Ulster Lisnagarvey 22:35UT/19 pop music program
1377-FRANCE-France Info, Lille-Camphin en Carembault 22:20UT/19 French talk & news (Good)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao 22:34UT/19 talk in Basque lang. (Good)
1440-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay ,Marnach 22:10UT/19 talk about Economics training (Very Strong @ 00:32UT)
1449-LIBYA-Voice of Free Libya Meserata, Al-Assah 22:18UT/19 Arabic chants
1458-ALBANIA-China Radio Relay Fllake, 22:16UT/19 Polish language program
1467-FRANCE-Transworld Radio via Romoules 22:15UT/19 Religious talk in English
1512-Unidentified 1:39UT/20 Italian or Mediterreanean type talk(Greece ?)
1521-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA, Duba 22:18UT/19 Speech in Arabic (Like A Local)

Receivers: SRF-M37V & SRF-39FP barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristols Hope,Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

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