WCGO 1590


This evening for a while I glued myself to 1590 to attempt to ID some of the previously hrd UNID'd stations I mentioned a few ds ago. That freq sounds like a GY channel here most of the time during the night. Out of the blue, a sta I'd never even had a hint of before came up and popped in and out for the next 45 minutes. Tnx Richard Allen for the tip on this one a couple months ago. Logged on the T-615 w/ SAT.

WCGO, Evanston, IL, 0509 UTC, 4/20/11, hrd w/ Mid-Eastern mx and occasional brief anmts by M in presumed Assyrian lang. The mx, at times, sounded a lot like the Arabic "Call to Prayer" or recitation of the Holy Koran except w/ instrumental accompaniment. Up and down with a lot of UNID stations plus relogs of WZRX (Jackson, MI), (KPRT, KS City, MO), and WAIK (Galesburg, IL). ULR Sta #745.

We're having yo-yo wx again here in Oklahoma. The temp keeps going way UP and then way DOWN...we never know what to expect just lately.


Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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