Re: Tecsun PL-210 English Manual?


Now that you've had a chance to play with the PL-210 I'm curious about how yours performs on MW. Its predecessor, the PL-200 (Eton E100) is probably my all-time favorite, but it's major shortcoming is poor sensitivity on the low end of the MW band. The first reviews of the PL-210 said that the new model addressed this, and so I bought one when the dust settled ... then another manufactured several months later.

Both of these specimens are as deaf on the upper end (particularly the X-band) as the PL-200 was deaf on the low end. I sold one of them as it was clear the sensitivity issue was not just sample to sample viariation. There are nice photos for locating the coil to adjust the PL-200 for 1400 KHz peaking, but I haven't seen the same for the new model.

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