Re: Calling John Bryant / Firsts and distance records

Paul Logan

Hi Dennis,

I have two SRF59's one was tweaked by me - as it turns out the tweak brought radio # 2 up to the level of the other stock one in terms of sensitivity so I may have got a "dud".

However I did get the 2nd radio to tune the x- band which the stock Euro versions dont cover.

All of the TA signals outside the x band were heard completely barefoot -  x band catches were made by placing the radio inside a 4 foot loop.

Great little radio - Im also very taken with its audio - I often hear WLAA 1680 and the Mexican music sounds superb.

Dennis Gibson wrote:
Paul - is your SRF-59 stock (not tweaked for best performance)? Are
your non expanded band logs barefoot or with the loop?


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