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After trying everything that I could find online and having nothing turn off the Display Backlight on my G8. I finally just opened it up and removed the LED. After doing so I thought about reinstalling the LED with a momentary push button switch to turn it on and off with. I think that would be even better then the original automated setup.

Anyhow, thanks allot for all the helpful suggestions...

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Tried that but it did not work...

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I found this counter-intuitive initially on my Eton G8.

Section 7 on page four of the Operations Manual states :
Short press of light/snooze button : LCD backlight illuminates for 3 seconds.
Long press ... on permanently. To turn it off, short press on light/snooze button again.

Some receivers require a button-press whilst pressing the on button. Other members
may know sequences to try. It might be that there is a fault, however.

Michael UK

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I just purchased a Grundig G8 on ebay. Everything works fine except for the Display Backlight
stays on all of the time. I tried the reset but that did not do it. Does anyone any way
to turn the Backlight off? Aside from opening it up and disconnecting the bulb.

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