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Great DX list with plenty of new stations.

It's handy having English news on 1134-CROATIA. Even here with a perfect signal, it's nearly impossible to ID in the native language !

Keep listening to '702-Unidentified- French talk' It's most likely to be Monaco.

It took me a while to positively ID the Monaco transmission only last week. Chinese Radio International transmit at various times from this site, in french, but listen to the 'french with chinese accent' and snippets of Chinese music whilst waiting for the CRI identification !

Good Dx
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Hello To All,

Trans-Atlantic propagation was once again at it's peak here in Bristol's Hope as many of the audible signals had tremendous strength. It is amazing how a short distance move to a more remote location can make such a difference. For lack of repetition we have included some of the most outstanding signals last evening. The usual Saudi station on 1521 and others commonly heard here not mentioned, also had very good signal strength. Six new stations were added to our ULR logs. There are a number of unidentified stations also throughout the logs listed.

675-NETHERLANDS-R. Maria,Lopik 23:10UT/8 music, Dutch talk
693-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Droitwich, 23:30UT/8 News
702-Unidentified- 2:59UT/9 March music,time pips,French talk
810-ENGLAND-BBC R. Scotland, Burghead 23:20/8 Commentary on Science
819-MOROCCO- RTM Rabat (tentative) 00:10UT/9 man and woman in Arabic
828-Unidentified-23:00UT/8 Arabic music
855-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Murcia 2:20UT/9 Spanish,song in English "Johnny Angel"
900-ITALY-RAI1 Milano 00:08UT/9 man in Italian mixing w/ Spanish station **NEW** (AW)
909-BALEARIC ISLANDS- RNE 5 Palma de Mallorca, 2:25UT/9 Spanish talk u/ BBC
963-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia,Biribilondo 00:05UT/9 woman in Spanish **NEW* (AW)
954-Unidentified- 00:06UT/9 man with Chanting (possibly Qatar)
972-LIBYA-R. Jamahiriyah,Sirt 22:58UT/8 woman Arabic ment. Libya
999-SPAIN-COPE Madrid, 22:28UT/8 man & woman ,Spanish ID
1026-Unidentified 00:50UT/9 Chanting
1035-PORTUGAL-Star FM Belmonte, 1:34UT/9 Portuguese,Station promo & ID (VY Strong)
1044-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian, 22:22UT/8 Spanish tele-talk
1044-MOROCCO-RTM Sebaa-Aioun, 22:56UT/8 Marching music,Arabic talk
1053-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio,Droitwich woman talking about vacationing (VY STRONG)
1070-WNCT- Greenville, N. Carolina 8:20UT/9 oldies,Legal ID (matched website song playlist) **NEW** (AW) (Good Copy)
1080-Unidentified- 22:32UT/8 Chanting
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio,Brookman's Park 22:24UT/8 talk on Teaching
1098-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 1:31UT/9 Spanish teletalk
1107-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 Logrono 22:54UT/8 Spanish talk,music
1100-WTAM-Cleveland,Ohio 8:41UT/9 Coast to Coast program
1110-WBT- Charlotte, N Carolina 8:31UT/9 Newstalk 11-10 ID,Ads (VY STRONG)
1134-CROATIA-Hrvatksa Radio,Zadar 22:20UT/8 English news
1152-ROMANIA-Romania Actualatati, Cluj Romanian,pop songs //1179 **NEW**(AW)
1170-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Sawa,Al Dhabbaya 23:15UT/8 Arabic talk,ID
1179-Unidentified – 22:53UT/8 Chants under Spanish station
1188-Unidentified- 22:50UT/8 , Drumbeats & Chants (VY STRONG)
1197-ENGLAND-Absolute Radio 22:35UT/8 Ads & promos in English,ID **NEW**(AW)
1206-FRANCE-France Info,Bordeaux 22:24UT/8 French talk
1251-LIBYA-Voice of Africa,Tripoli 22:25UT/8 Arabic talk (VY STRONG)
1260-Unidentified- 1:58UT/9 Arabic chanting
1269-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster 1:58UT/9 German talk
1278-IRAN-IRIB1,Kermanshah 1:55UT/9 woman talk in Persian (VY STRONG)**NEW** (AW)(DF)
1332-Unidentified-22:42UT/8 man w/ Slurish sound language, music
1341-NORTHERN IRELAND- BBC R. Ulster, Lisnagarvey 1:27UT/9 talk about clinical trials (VY STRONG)
1377-Unidentified – 22:38UT/8 Chanting & Arabic ? (tentative Iran) France off at time
1377-FRANCE-France Info Lille 3:10UT/9 News in French (had been off again)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia,Bilbao 22:44UT/8 Tears in Heaven song,Basque talk
1422-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 1:25UT/9 Classical music,German talk
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa, Arta 22:40UT/8 Arabic pop & talk,ID
1440-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay via Marnach 22:30UT/8 Life in China Prgm in English
1449-LIBYA-Voice Of Free Libya,Meserata 22:42UT/8 Arabic chanting (VY STRONG)
1458-Unidentified- 2:06UT/9 woman in Spanish

Receiver:SRF-M37V barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristol's Hope,Newfoundland
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