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thanks there..

I hate to sound so dumb but I'm at a temporary address.(well...without my tools and junk-box)

Every simple thing becomes a major project.

RG6 seems the common coaxial cable now sold in many retail stores so somebody can buy 'as needed'.

Aluminum shielding vs. copper.

Go in a hardware store and they want ?? for a simple crimper tool (?) I've seen cheaper once of recent.

I'm used to working with copper.

Aluminum does corrode.

I see even the center conductors now are copper plated steel.

I do not know if it makes any difference in 'radio waves' but steel is a worse conductor than aluminum and copper better and silver better, etc.

I sometimes wonder.--- if one had a half mile of 'steel fence wire' for a receiving antenna does every 'electron' hitting the far point get to it's destination ? (your receiver)

It's so bad here ya can't even buy a PL259 to F adapter without an internet buy.

I think most communications receivers and transceivers still use PL259 so a simple adapter to use RG6.

Variac. I got one yesterday. Can alter voltage to test things without full voltage.

Saw ? It's that easy to saw a coax plug ? (saw ?)

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Aluminum Shield so you gotta 'crimp' for connectors vs. soldering.

Aluminum oxidizes. grrrr Probably copper (center conductor) in the copper shortage is copper plated
steel. (?)

Crimping. I don't wanna pay $100 for a crimping tool. Anybody locate a cheap one that is
semi-reliable ?


Solutions I�ve found satisfactory :-

1. saw a coax-plug in half and use its crimp end; seal with varnish or similar to prevent corrosion
2. wrap tinned solid wire round the alu shield, lightly (sic!) solder, seal.
3. buy a crimp-tool - but still seal.

Michael UK

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