Re: DXing from Bristol's Hope

Jack <w9atp@...>

Dianne wrote:

As you all know by now Allen & I have moved to a DXing paradise herre in Bristol's Hope Newfoundland..... We would love to share the experience of this great area with ALL please consider this your personal invitation to come visit with us..... We have a big shed just behind the house with electricity and lots of room for air mattresses and sleeping bags..... I am hoping to be in a position soon to maybe put bunks on 2 sides but for now there is room for everyone.... We are looking forward to you visiting with us and experiencing the great DXing here....
Thanks for the invite.

A person would have to be a real sincere DXer to travel a thousand miles to pick up the baseball scores from his home station.

Let me know when you get real beds, though -- you know, in case I'm out that way.

Is the food any good?

What kind of beer do you have?

Will there be other animals in the shed?


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