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Peter 1956

Hello all,

I have established why purchase prices of Chinese radios seem higher in China than on ebay. In China purchases attact sales tax. In Hong Kong there is no sales tax, hence the e.bay sellers are selling at a "tax free" price from Hong Kong.

Chinese radios made in Shenzhen are actually cheaper in Hong Kong than in Shenzhen! I am now in Shenzhen- I should have gone electronics shopping in Hong Kong! (Local people here in Shenzhen go shopping for electronics in neighbouring Hong Kong)

Peter, China

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Hi Gary,

That's likely the case. One has to shop around or check feedback if purchasing on-line.

I was in Hong-Kong recently and had planned to go on an electronics shopping expedition the last afternoon there. I was too tired playing the tourist, it was a family vacation, and changed my mind after cooling down back at the hotel. Looks like it was a good decision.



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Hello Vince, Kevin and Others,

The Chinese domestic market seems to include both bargains and ripoffs,
just like here in North America.

My wife comes very a very thrifty family in Hong Kong, and when I told
her that I could use a few bargain Tecsun PL-380's, she sent out her
relatives to track down the best PL-380 deals in Hong Kong. Her

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