Re: Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Repoort April 6-7


Allen, it sounds as though your new QTH is working out very well. Sort of a "DXpedition at home" site like that of Martin Hall in Clashmore (coastal northern Scotland) and Patrick Martin in Seaside, Oregon (and the late Richard Wood near Hilo, Hawaii).

Several of us in eastern Massachusetts are getting many of these TA signals but most require a Perseus rather than an ultralight!

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA + South Yarmouth, MA, USA

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Hello To All,

We are continuing to enjoy our new location and the Dxing has been providing very entertaining evenings. The RFI here is next to nil obviously compared to back in St. John's and the powerhouse stations of the city are nulled enough to allow signals on the European and African split frequencies nearby to dominate.
Most of the distant domestics have been audible more so in the early mornng hours and very few audible so far in the evenings as the Trans-Atlantics have dominated with amazing strength.

Logs from last night:

558-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 Valencia 00:16UT/7 Spanish commentary
621-CANARY ISLANDS- R. Nacional,Tenerife 22:57UT/6 two women in Spanish
675-LIBYA –Sawt Libya al Hurra – Voice of Free Libya , Benghazi 1:23UT/7
684-SPAIN-RNE1 Sevilla, 22:20UT/6 woman w/ Spanish talk
729-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Oveido 1:24UT/7 two men in Spanish
756-SPAIN-R. Euskadi, Bilbao 00:26UT/7 woman in Spanish commentary
837-SPAIN-COPE Sevilla, 00:18UT/7 two men in Spanish teletalk
864-FRANCE-France Beue Paris 1:14UT/7 French talk, American pop
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Moorside Edge 1:14UT/7 talk on US political scene
954-SPAIN-Onda Cero R. Madrid 1:16UT/7 Radio play in Spanish
972-LIBYA-R. Jamahiriyah, Sirt 23:03UT/6 songs in Arabic
981-ALGERIA-Alger Chaine 2, Alger 00:20UT/7 Arabic music,talk
999-SPAIN-COPE Madrid 22:22UT/6 two men in Spanish
1008-CANARY ISLANDS-R. Punto Las Palmas 22:54UT/6 Spanish by man
1035-PORTUGAL-Star FM Belmonte 1:16UT/7 Bobby Vinton song
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, Brookman's Park 1:26UT/7 Medical talk (Strong)
1116-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra 22:24UT/6 Spanish commentary (Good)
1251-LIBYA-Voice of Africa,Tripoli 1:27UT/7 Arabic talk
1377-FRANCE-France Info Lille 1:08UT/7 piano music,talk (Like a Local)
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5, Jaen 00:20UT/7 interview in Spanish
1521-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA Duba 1:12UT/7 woman in Arabic (Like a local)
1530-WCKY-Cincinnati,Ohio 00:37UT/7 Ads,Sports
1557-FRANCE-France Info,Nice 1:12UT/7 French talk
1602-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia R. Vitoria 23:00 news in Spanish

SRF-M37V barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristol's Hope,Newfoundland
47:75N 53:00W

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