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Kevin Schanilec

Hi Vince:

Thanks for the info on the domestic Chinese market, where it sounds like the PL-310 and others are going for $50-60 (over 300 Yuan) or so in Beijing. I guess in-city prices are like that: I was in New York City recently, and the prices for radios at electronics outlets were also much higher than from domestic mail order sources. Given the relative per-capita income levels of the US and China, a radio such as this is likely a more significant purchase.

It looks like the PL-310 can be had for about 200 Yuan on Taobao (about $30) including domestic shipping to a Chinese address, although you don't get to see it first: do Taobao sellers also sell seconds and knock-offs?

Thanks again - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hi Kevin,

I'm currently living in Beijing, China. My experience with consumer electronics in general and ultralights in particular, is that you are still paying less on ebay - in some cases even after postage is added, than buying the same item in the chinese domestic market.

Prices are generally lower, if you have good bargaining skills, in the many markets around town, but there is a chance that you are buying "knock-offs" or "seconds".

The other surprise for me was that, ultralights in this case, are not as easy to find as I expected.

I saw the PL-310 and PL-606 in only one place so far. The price was higher than ebay plus postage. The PL-600 in two places with the price higher than ebay before postage.

The only deals, so to speak, were the R-911 for $10 and the R-9012 for $13. Not too impressed with the R-911, but still worth every penny. If one can afford the additional 30% :^) for the R-9012, you get a radio than run circles around the R-911.

The above comparisons are based on US/Canada prices. I don't know if they apply to other countries.


Beijing, PRC

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First, we're all jealous that you are going to the Land of No Postage Fees!

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