-- finally....

terribly wet

I've gotta get away from the noise at this address.

It was winter. Still cold around here.

Outside work.

So from my comfortable 'inside' and 'noise' to outdoor antennas....

Common coaxial cable.. RG6 Available Wal-Mart and everywhere.

I think it's 75 ohm.

Aluminum Shield so you gotta 'crimp' for connectors vs. soldering.

(or become a professional welder)

Receive only. (although RG6 seems to have high power limits ?)

Aluminum oxidizes. grrrr Probably copper (center conductor) in the copper shortage is copper plated steel. (?)

My question if anybody traveled this far in the post ?

Crimping. I don't wanna pay $100 for a crimping tool. Anybody locate a cheap one that is semi-reliable ?

Other questions ::::::::

A source for cheap Variac's ??

Any ideas for cheap 'rotators' ??

Cheap = In-expensive

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