Overnite log on 1160

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

This evening 1160 kHz seemed active on general scanning, so I came back to it after midnite EDT. I found 3 new stations here and will be going to 1400 kHz shortly after posting.

First was an ID-only of "ESPN 1160 Ithaca" that turns out to be WPIE from Trumansburg, NY. Heard the ID just before 0030 EDT in a jumble of others. Power is 310 Watts and distance 335.5 km.

Nothing much until 0200 EDT ToH's when two more were heard.

The second station is WKCM "Country 1160" (might be partial) heard at 0204 EDT. This does fit the Country music heard fading in and out during the session. WKCM is from Hawesville, KY broadcasting at 1000 Watts at a distance of 1247.5 km. Several other sources reference Owensboro, KY as well. Lotsa clutter here at ToH.

About a minute later near the tradional end of the ToH ID period was a nice call of WOBM "Oldies 1160 and 1310". This was not listed as a parallel in several sources, but Wikipedia and WOBM website confirms // to WADB 1310. WOBM is from Lakewood, NJ 8900 Watts at 185.35 km. Again other stations in the mix.

MHO:The radio used is the PL-210, and its doing a good job logging. I note a keypad birdie on the DSP PL-310 on-channel, with reduced RX capacity. Both the PL-200 and PL-210 do not have birdies./MHO

Paul S. in CT

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