Re: Chinese ulralight wish-list


I would dis-recommend the Redsun RP300 for most people, but if you
can pick it up for a song it does have one good point: it is at least
as sensitive on AM-BCB as the Eton E100, and it is almost exactly the
same size (maybe 2 good points). I have not noticed any overload, but
the con list is significant: (1) not very selective on any band and worst is (2) there are WAY too many internally-generated heterodynes
in the AM and SW bands. I find it amusing that one of them lands
squarely on top of China Radio International in the 31m band.

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Hi all,

I am going to live in China for a while, so no need to get ultralights mail order and pay postage charges :-)

Which, in the humble opinion of members, are the very best ultralights for overall performance on FM and AM? (especially when connectivity of external antennas is taken into account, but price isn't).

Peter, now in Hong Kong...soon to be in China

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