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Kevin Schanilec

Hi Peter:

First, we're all jealous that you are going to the Land of No Postage Fees!

But seriously, for MW, the PL-310 and PL-606 are the most sensitive, then the PL-380, then the PL-300WT, PL-360 and others pull up the rear. The first three all have variable selectivity, while the last two just have the 3 khz setting. The PL-380's advantage is that the "soft mute", the decrease in volume when you tune off-frequency, is quite subtle, cimpared to the quite noticeable loss in volume on the PL-310 and PL-606; so, you need to turn the volume up and down, or get used to the volume differences. So, there is a trade-off here. I hope the PL-325 (or whatever they might decide to call the next model number) has the bigger ferrite bar antenna AND no soft-mute!

For FM, the PL-300WT and PL310 are the most sensitive in stock form, with the PL-380 and PL-606 having shorter whip antennas, thus lesser sensitivity. However, the PL-606 comes with a clamp-on whip extension, allowing it to be the king of the hill, particularly on the lower end of the band. All of these have the same awesome selectivity of their common DSP chip. The PL-360 has a shorter, non-rotatable whip - not as good IMHO.

If you get interested in LW and/or beacons, all would need serious sensitivity help from an external antenna on the LW frequencies, and the preference is the PL-380 since it does not have the soft-mute issue.

For SW, the PL-300WT is very susceptible to overloads from local MW stations, while the others seem to perform very well; they don't have synchronous detection to control fades, but off-tuning the same number of khz as the filter is a pretty good stretegy, since it isolates one sideband or the other.

All things considered, I would recomend the PL-310 and ride the volume control a bit as needed to compensate for the soft-mute.

Hope this helps - Kevin S

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Hi all,

I am going to live in China for a while, so no need to get ultralights mail order and pay postage charges :-)

Which, in the humble opinion of members, are the very best ultralights for overall performance on FM and AM? (especially when connectivity of external antennas is taken into account, but price isn't).

Peter, now in Hong Kong...soon to be in China

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