Two more on 1400 kHz GL

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Two more new statioon ID's this AM before Sunrise. I missed the 0500 EDT ToH, but caught these at BoH near 0530 EDT.

First was a nice call of a local WILI Willimantic, CT that has evaded the ULR-DX log for 5 years (but was on the homebrew log since 2004). All I got was an ID no real programming ideas given the crowded channel. WILI has 1000 Watt power located 66 km to the East. Time was 0525 EDT using the PL-210.

The seconnd log is a known "Christian" programming heard here often recently that revealed itself as WBFN this morning at 0528 EDT. They went into a non-network news update. WBFN is located in Battle Creek, MI with a 1000 Watt liscense at a distance of 1020 km.

Still not finished yet on 1400... there's at least an ESPN sports station I've regularly heard, and either a classic 70's R&B station or Motown format.

Station count now at 494.

Paul S. in CT

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