Re: Greetings from Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

robert ross

Allen and Diane............

Congratulations on getting set up in your new Location!!! Wrap around Deck overlooking the Ocean sounds pretty good to me!!! Another amazing bag of DX logged by you once again too!!!  I'd pay money just to have the Low Noise Levels let alone the amazing conditions!!! Hope you both enjoy the New Place and we look forward to reading about all the neat stuff you're gonna hear!!!

If you ever get yourself a Longwave Capable ULR you should be able to log every station in Europe!!!! I've heard 4 of them on my Debock Frankensteiner PL-380.....I shudder to think what you would hear!!

Have Fun..........

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

--- On Tue, 4/5/11, Allen wrote:

From: Allen
Subject: [ultralightdx] Greetings from Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
To: ultralightdx@...
Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 5:36 PM


Hello To All,

We have finally moved to our new location at Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland which is located about 70 miles by highway Northwest from St. John's. The home features a wrap around deck which overlooks the ocean , as well a large shed up the hill from the house. The isolated location has already proven to be an excellent DX spot, as the first few evenings here have provided the following station loggings with both nights yielding a multitude of Trans-Atlantic signals. At least 8 new stations were logged in the first two evenings of Dxing amongst all the ongoing unpacking.

549-ALGERIA-Alger Chaine 1 Hamadouche 00:56UT/3 Arabic music & song
558-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 Valencia 1.12UT/4 Bobby Darin song,Spanish talk
603-FRANCE-France Info, Lyon 23:31UT/3 woman w/ French news

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