Re: Greetings from Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

From: Allen

We have finally moved to our new location at Bristol's Hope,
Newfoundland which is located about 70 miles by highway
Northwest from St. John's. The home features a wrap around deck
which overlooks the ocean , as well a large shed up the hill from the house.


Methinks research into asymetric-transatlantic-undersea-cable-bouncing
is called for... Also : why it doesnt work so well bouncing to the Old World.

Okay, maybe Im jealous of that long list. I overlook the Atlantic and am
not getting very much from the New World now. Maybe because :
not enough real estate for a beverage, not enough cents for a proper FSL ...

Congratulations, Allen and Dianne!

Michael UK

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