Re: Heard first TA on URL

Carl DeWhitt

--- What country is on 1134 that you logged in this logging ?I do not
have my WRTH handy.It might be in storage while we are waiting to get
into our new home.If you heard it there,i should be able to hear it
here in Tennessee on my E-100.
Carl DeWhitt

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First I want to thank you all the help you've provided.

Until last evening I would never have thought I could anything
the KMOX HD noise. But I tuned to 1134 at 0202 UTC and there was a
man speaking in an eastern European language. You can't image my
surprise. I immediately switched on the recorder. The signal was
heard fading in and out of the IBOC hiss until I finally quit
listening at 0312. It was all heard on a barefoot, factory aligned
Etón E100. It seems to handle the sideband trash better than the
sensitive SRF-T615.

Around sunset until about 0130 UTC, I continue to hear a het on
You can't imagine how much I've learned about University of
sports from KOKC 1520 hoping to hear some audio.

I did tune to 1575 last evening but old time pest XERF was too
I had a possibility on 774 kHZ but my eyelids crashed.

Because the E100 was tuned to 774 I heard JOUB right after I awoke
this morning with possibly the best signal ever. It was 100% copy
1151 until 1152:30 UTC when it faded away. There was no QRM from
and local KSPI was off. At 1157 I heard a woman talking in
on 747 kHz briefly. Then it seemed like someone pulled the curtain
shut around 1200 for nothing was heard afterward. The het on 972
I've been monitoring the last few mornings wasn't audible.
conditions appeared to have deteriorated, I could still hear CBW
and CJGX 940 without any trouble.

Again thanks Mark and John. John I'm planning for a new house, so
maybe I'll need the "wallpaper"! Guys if I can hear them, you can.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK)

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Congratulations Richard on the TA from Oklahoma. I think you
some more especially Canaries-621, Spain-585/684/774, France-
1206/1377/1557, Algeria-891, Saudi-1521, and maybe some others.

UAE on 1575 has been getting heard all over the place including
West Coast. Might be worth a try.

Mark Connelly WA1ION

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