E100 Four Variant Shootout Article

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Most of you have probably heard about superb new performance modifications for the Eton E100 Ultralight radio, including an innovative Slider loopstick, and a razor-sharp Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter.  But in these days of financial stress, many DXers are wondering whether these improvements are really cost-effective, and what kind of actual DX performance boost they can expect.
     To answer all these questions and more, the ultimate E100 competitive performance article has just been uploaded to DXer.Ca.  A stock E100, a Murata filter model, a Slider loopstick model, and a fully modified E100 "shoot it out" in both daytime DXing, and also in transoceanic DXing at the isolated ocean beach of Grayland, WA.  Full details are given on the cost-effectiveness of each modification, as well as interesting background information on the development of what may become a legendary loopstick, and the selection of the perfect IF filter. Enjoy!
     73, Gary DeBock    

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