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keith beesley

Sorry you have had a problem. In my experience, the ultra-cheap pocket radios from China (under c. USD $20.) are extremely variable in quality (as one might expect). The Sony S10MK2 and SRF-59 and Panasonic RF-P50 are cheap and very good for the price (and also available from local retailers). On the other hand, my Coby CX-5 is tiny and gets about 5 FM and 3 AM stations; I sometimes carry it around and listen to news or ballgames on it; it does get quite loud.

For serious listening and DXing I use my 1103, Redsun 2100 (aka C. Crane CCSW), Eton E10 or E100; I've never had any problems with any of those. I also only order from sellers with plenty of positive feedback; "liypn," "," "tqchina," and "hygt369" are a few who spring to mind. I've never bothered to return anything to China. 

The only ebay sellers I've had trouble with have been based in the USA, LOL.

Keith B.   

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Try returning a defective item to an Asian seller and then you will get burned. Sure the sellers claim you can return it. Just try to do so. Shipping rates are the same or higher than the cost of the item. I found out the hard way. Live and learn. Do not purchase from sellers outside your own continent.

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