ULR NDB log from France

Patrick <aunumero73@...>

Hi all,
Conditions have been very poor for about a week. Even semi-local
beacons were barely audible.
Besides, with night time getting shorter, one has to say up late...
not fair when you have to wake up early !!

Below are the latest new ones :

Date............. UTC... kHz... ID.... Location... ITU
20/03/2011 2209 366.0 ADC Le Castellet F
20/03/2011 2215 385.0 CSC Cannes / Mandelieu F
20/03/2011 2218 371.0 FRS Frosinone I
25/03/2011 2216 410.0 SI Salzburg AUT
25/03/2011 2224 330.0 SRN Saronno for Milano I

TOTAL : 137 NDB - 16 DXCC

Patrick, south east France

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