Sony ICF-S22 ultralight DX March Log

dave_hackwell <dave_hackwell@...>

I purchased a Sony ICF-S22 for less than 'a tenner' earlier this month to try my hand at ultralight dxing here in Warrington, NW England.

It's very sensitive although it's selectivity is not very sharp around some high power UK channels ( and Voice of Russia running 1 Megawatt out of Germany !)

Ignoring many European stations, I've been pleased to catch;-

1611 Vatican Radio distinct Chimes ID
1530 Vatican Radio English at 20:50
1521 Al-Saudiyah 1, Saudi Arabia - SW 9555Khz parallel tx for ID
981 RTA chaine 2 - Algiers
531 Faroe Islands (I was chasing RTA 1 Algiers on this freq.)

On the low power UK side a few co-channel stations at well over 100 miles that have teased me!

1584 R Hereford & Worcester 0.3Kw
1584 R Tay, Perth Scotland 0.21Kw

1566 County Sound Radio
1566 BBC Somerset

Finally lower power still, I've not got a power output of this station but it could be an 'LPAM' 1 watt station
1521 Flame CCR Birkenhead.

1350 Radio Hope - This is a 1 watt LPAM campus radio station and of comparable distance and signal strength

I must list the European countries with a station count but that's for the future.

Good Dx

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