WSDK 1550kHz is on-air

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

The former WDZK in Bloomfield, CT (R.Disney) 1550 kHz has been silent for quite a while. Last nite around 0030 EDT caught a nice call for the new station in the null of CBE. WSDK is now a religious format with the same power levels of 5kW day and 2.4kW nite. Signal was poor to weak with CBE over. Stepping outside did not improve much, but dropped the QRM enough to get ID. This is a re-log of WDZK updated to call-change.

I did a checkup on fybushdotcom, and sure enough the station went on-air Sat. morning. I also noticed I lost YVXO in the mush, which had been weak/fair for the last week.

Paul S. in CT

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