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Howdy Jerry:

Cuba is also a distinct possibility. I have logged it from CT many times in the null of WGN. From your location, SSE direction would be best orientation to confirm. Maybe step outside if indoor noise is a bit much. Cuba is on many channels in the low-end of the band (below 960kHz).

Paul S. in CT

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It's been weeks since I've posted but I have a chance now so maybe someone can help me ID this station.

Berkley MI USA -

Monday night (March 21st) around 22:20 edt I was casually scanning with a PL-380 when I heard something under the nearly always dominant WGN.

I found myself facing south with the radio in hand. WGN was barely there but the other signal began to fade in and out. It was mostly poor with a few moments of fair to fair+. This continued for about ten minutes until WGN returned to being completely dominant.

The content was music. At first I thought it was middle eastern or similar ethnic music, but a later song definitely had a Latin American or Mexican feel and was Spanish language.

The only Spanish language station listed in the NRC AM log is KSAH in Universal City, Texas.

A website for this station does not seem to exist, although there is a Wikipedia page that says they broadcast a regional Mexican music format.

the NRC AM log says -

SS:MEX - CNN - 24hr -- "La Estacion de la Raza" "Norteno 720"

C U4 10000 890


There are only 11 stations listed on that frequency in the AM log so I'm guessing it was KSAH ?

Brian Miller

Berkley, MI

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