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Hard to believe there was enough money in those days for a 1KW broadcaster (times two) to financially support all those towers. I'm going to guess maintenance for 6 fifty year old towers, not to mention property taxes, had to be a factor.



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According to the website Ohio Media Watch....Canton AM station WINW (1520kHz.) has gone off the air....apparently abandoned by it's most-recent owner.

The site says there's a "for sale" sign at the station studio/transmitter site.

WINW had recently been a religious format, but might be best known as a pretty good sounding top 40 station back in the late 60's into the 70's.

A bit of radio history changes with WINW's final sign off: for decades WINW in Canton, and 20 miles north WKNT (now WJMP) in nearby Kent, Ohio were the two closed stations on the same frequency in the US.

Both were highly-directional lkw daytimers...WINW on the NE side of Canton directional south; WKNT a 6-tower array mostly directional north, but with a bunch of deep, deep nulls.

This WKNT-WINW arrangement was a compromise back in the 60's when both stations applied for CPs for a fulltime AM on 1520 on what was reported to be the SAME DAY of application. So, the owners way back then, agreed to both be 1kw daytimes, directional away from each other.

Very unusual radio history ends.


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