Re: First LW ULR Logging

chuck_rippel <Chuck.Rippel@...>

Things DID take a very sudden turn mid-winter. NDB Chasing is not new here albiet using an ultra-light to pursue that aspect of the hobby is a refreshing challenge.

The loop works well, I just need to place it where there is no locally generated interference, which means I'll be doing this outside in the horse pasture, 800' behind the house :-) .

I must say that hearing an NDB 201 miles to the south of me on a $35 radio using a pair of file crates wrapped with wire for an antenna certainly runs refreshingly against the grain of more expensive gear always yields better performance.

This is replacing the challenge of hearing the now gone flea powered Indonesians.

Now, to take an LF antenna and an Ultralight to Hatteras....

Radio by ULR just keeps getting better....

Chuck Rippel

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to the Ultralight NDB-chasing group! As you may be aware, this
craze happened suddenly in the middle of winter, just when weather was
the coldest. All of the current fanatics have paid their dues outside
with frozen fingers (and other parts of the body), so you are lucky to
catch the bug right before spring!

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