Re: Ferrite Sleeve Antenna Permeability (Amidon -61 rods)

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Hi Raph,
I attempted to respond in the same "tongue in cheek" vein--I never thought you were serious! I used some internet "extreme smiley" characters, to attempt to convey that thought--I guess it didn't convey very well.  :))))))
I don't expect the FSL is going to change the world but it's been fun playing with it, and I'm still doing experiments and having fun.

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Oh my gosh, sorry Steve, I was being a little “tongue-in-cheek”, and my sincere apologies to you at that. The cost of 40 Amidon 61 ferrite rods would be several hundred dollars, almost as much as a Pixel RP Pro antenna w/o the certainty of definitive results. I so very much appreciate the experimentation that you and several other knowledgeable and intrepid explorers are carrying out on behalf of the rest of us. I am hopeful that an optimized ferrite sleeve system will result from the various experiments now being conducted, such that the purchase of sufficient Amidon 61 rods might then be justified as part of a debugged and optimized finished product. I anticipate that a ferrite sleeve antenna with top of the line ferrite bar and litz wire components, with really good protective coverings given the fragility of the ferrite arrays, will easily run at least $100-150, which is a lot more than some throw down PVC from Lowe’s, some Dave Schmarder litz wire, and a piece of ferrite from Stormwise.


 My deep apologies if my one liner email below was misinterpreted as either an offer or a teaser!



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