G6 @ TERK Advantage


Even though not an ultralight, I am impressed at the tiny G6 with a TERK Advantage loop. Not only does the G6 - TERK combo result in noticeably better (not night and day, but useful) sensitivity than a SANGEAN PR-D5 or SONY ICF-S5W barefoot, but the selectivity is outstanding! I can get very good results 10 KHz away from locals that the PR-D5 has difficulty with. I was expecting that the TERK would make weak stations 10 KHz away from a local more difficult to hear, but my experience is quite the opposite!  Although the SONY ICF-S5W is good selectivitywise in an urban setting, the G6 - TERK combo is even better.
Although daytime listening benefits to a degree that is exceptional vs barefoot, the nighttime improvement is also useful.
The G6 seems to work well with the TERK inside the loop, or next to the outside of the loop with the radio perpendicular to the plane of the loop.

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