GS Ultralight Loggings Nov. 12, 2008

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight Loggings for Wed. Nov. 12, 2008. All stations logged on a stock Sony SRF-59 from Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.

One more station added to the ultralight log. Total ultralight count: 194.

980 CFPL ON London - 12-Nov-2008 2320 UTC - London traffic report. News item about Toronto Stock Exchange. ID as AM 980. (Poor).
--> This is one of those stations that proved to be surprisingly difficult to log, given its relative closeness to my location and its power (10 / 5 kW). It has taken almost two months to log it. Yet CFPL is an easy daytime catch in cities like Mississauga and Brampton, just to the west of Toronto. I'm in central Toronto and must be just outside the range of its groundwave coverage and in an area that the skywave signal must normally be skipping over.

Greg Shoom

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