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Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Greetings everyone,

I recently moved into a nice little duplex here in Ponca City, but there is one drawback to the new QTH. The electrical noise inside the apt. is severe all the time. As soon as I walk outdoors, it's as quiet as can be. Needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of time out in the back yard DXing when the wx warms up a little more. I'll bet I'll be getting some strange looks from passersby on one of the busiest streets in this little town. Here's my question:

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I might try to reduce this electrical interference while inside the apt? If so, please remember a tech I am NOT, so a simple explanation(s) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance. I appreciate everyone in this group, even if I don't understand a lot of what's being discussed, especially when it's technical in nature.

Good DX to all!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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