My First TP's on ULR

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Hiya Guys,

I'm REALLY happy to report that at least a second ULR DX'er in
Oklahoma has logged Japan on MW. I had to borrow one of those
Chickasaw dances from John Bryant after hearing these two stations
this morning. I was using two different set-ups for these receptions.
The first was a slider Eton E-100, and also an E-100 with a Select-a-

774, JOUB, Akita, 1046-1125 UTC, 11/12. This station was clearly
audible at tune in with definite JP talk by a M ancr. Throughout the
course of this reception I could tell that if I understood Japanese,
I could have had at least a 90% understanding of what they were
saying during the peaks. The best peak was around 1115 UTC. A pattern
of talk and then 5 notes on what sounded like a piano was hrd, and
then right back to tlk. At the peak time, a W ancr spoke briefly then
into some really pretty instr mx featuring what sounded like a
woodwind instrument.

As a bonus this one snuck in:

747, JOIB, Sapporo, 1105-1110 UTC, 11/12. Vy difficult reception
because of splatter from WSB, Atlanta. Definite JP yak by maybe the
same M ancr as hrd on JOUB...not sure though. Very brief window on
this one, but I'm happy anyway! I checked some other TP splits, but
with no luck.

I'll be writing more on the comparison between the two ULR setups
before too long. As a brief addendum here, this morning I lucked into
2 other new stations and one new state (Montana). They only added to
the fervor of my dances, hi hi.

73's Gents,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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